Chef Garrick Ogburn is a Cordon Bleu graduate with over thirty years of experience in the culinary world, from hotels and fine dining, to college instruction, and now owning his own café and providing private chef services and cooking classes.

What is a Private Chef Experience?
A Private Chef Experience involves hiring Chef Garrick to come into your home or other location and create a completely customized, fine-dining experience for you and your guests.

Why hire a Private Chef?
You can tap into Chef Garrick’s knowledge of over thirty years of experience to curate the perfect menu for you and your guests, whether you desire fine dining, farm-to-table, international cuisine, or even vegan and vegetarian menus. Chef Garrick does not offer a set menu for private chef experiences, as each menu is specifically crafted for your tastes and occasion. Nourish Café focuses on vegetable-forward, healthy cuisine, but with a Private Chef Experience, the sky is the limit!

How much does it cost?
Chef Garrick charges $45 per hour, with a four-hour minimum, plus the costs of ingredients.

How do I schedule one?
Use the button below to book your free consultation!