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Owned and operated by Le Cordon Bleu graduate and chef Garrick Ogburn, Nourish offers delicious healthy food inside the Downtown Mobile Moorer YMCA. Open to the public, the cafe features whole food entrees, paleo and vegan options, sandwiches, smoothies, and soups. Our menu changes daily.

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Chef Garrick offers family-style to-go meals, corporate and group immersive experiences, preparation services, custom chef experiences, private parties, and cooking classes. If you’re looking for flavorful, unique, and delicious food...look no further!

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We can create a customized experience for everything from meal prep to in-home fine dining for special occasions.

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Chef Garrick offers cooking classes either virtually and face-to-face, this family-fun activity is good for birthdays, date nights, special events, you name it.

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Sweet and Sour pork.
I love this classic Chinese American comfort dish. 
I wanted that for dinner but all the sugar in the store bought sauce, well at least it can be used as a dessert topping.
Even with many chefs making clean versions the taste was not what I remember.  
Well the 1970 real ingredient is difficult to find. So a substitution from the Mediterranean grocery is just what I was missing.  Pomegranate molasses! 
Classic Grenadine syrup was often used in the dish for that lovely red color. 
The sauce first:
1 T grated ginger
1 clove garlic
2 T ketchup 
1 T Pomegranate molasses 
1.5 C broth or stock
4 T soy sauce
2 T apple cider vinegar 
1T starch tapioca or corn 
Salt, pepper, and hot peppers to taste.
Make the sauce ahead of time to make any changes you like.  For kids I leave out the garlic and hot chilies, but introduce them when they get older.
The vegetables are easy, Bell pepper,  onion, pineapple,  but I add celery and green onion. Throw in some carrot. 
Fresh is better or frozen.
1 month ago

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I will expect a bowl of this next time I’m in town 🤷🏻‍♀️

2 months ago

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Thank you all who continued to support and enjoy the little cafe. Unfortunately business was too sporadic and just not enough.

Yes. We miss you. Praying you will find a productive outlet for your passion and gifting

I didn't remember until I seen this post just now that I had a dream last night that I was trying to find your restaurant and couldn't find it. It was no longer at the location downtown! I was so sad and now this is true. 😟

I'm sorry I didn't get by one last time before you closed!

If anyone is looking for a chef, chef consultant, recipe tester, food stylist, or culinary instructor. Please contact me at

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Its as easy as 1, 2, 3. Just gather your grocery list, sign up for our FREE virtual cooking class and join Cordon Bleu Chef Garrick Ogburn as he covers the best seafood cooking methods, supermarket pro tips and a live question and answer session along the way! It isnt very often that you get to work along with a Cordon Bleu Chef and have the opportunity to ask questions. Dont miss the opportunity! Click here to reserve your spot:

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Have you signed up for our FREE virtual cooking class? If not, be sure to sign up now! Cordon Bleu Chef Garrick Ogburn will be covering pro tips to keep in mind when supermart shopping for fish and other seafood, breaking down the types of fish and what textures and flavors you can expect from each, recipes and live preparation for his favorite pan seared fish fillets and an explanation of Dry heat cooking methods and why they work great with seafood!  To reserve your spot for our free class,click here:

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2 months ago

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Heart and Sole A love letter in food. En Papillote refers to a moist-heat cooking method where the food is enclosed in a packet of parchment paper and then cooked in the oven. While the method can be as simple as a Hobo's purse using aluminum foil and a campfire. Elevated the method is the same but the art of presentation becomes a story of Love and sharing. Hand written love letters were on parchment paper. Do not try this with wax paper. We are going to cut a large Heart shape. I like to fold it in half and cut an arch and taper to a point. This will be filled and starting with the "tail" end of the heart you will roll and crimp. Folding along the way to make a tight seal. Be bold and firm making clean even folds, because after the dish is done service is as subtle as a magician. Out of the oven quick as a stolen kiss, A fork is plunged into one side and rolled along the dish to peel back and reveal the dish. A cloud of steam and aroma bursting from this golden pillow. Sole En Papillote for two 2 each 6-8 ounce fillets Sole 1 Leek, white part fine julieanne 2 parsnip, peeled fine julieanne 4 ounces Celeriac fine julieanne 1 garlic clove thin slice or sliver 6 ounces mushroom sliced Salt and White pepper 2 oz Vermouth 4 oz Butter Layer the root vegetables on the bottom half of the paper season lightly and place the fish on top. season and top with butter and Vermouth. Roll tightly and bake in a 450 degree oven until golden and puffed about 15-20 minutes. Serve with a side of you choice, a fennel and spinach salad and crusty bread and buttery Chardonnay. Throw in some tomatoes and a dash of smoked paprika and change out the fish to a nice fatty Mackerel and Rioja red. Bone in chicken thighs roasted with chilies and onion could be done at 350 for 25 minutes. What I like about this method is food that likes moist heat cooking bone in poultry and fish. It infuses flavor and gives the ingredients a chance to mingle but maintaining a high presentation and ease of service. All the aroma and smell is kept locked up until served too. Enjoy and make this method your own. Giant boats of cornbread filled with rustic chili. Things that have a sticky sauce that may burn, Asian sweet chili chicken wings in a purse. Roasted mushrooms with truffle oil and ramps Squash and zucchini with pesto.

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